Privacy Policy

The foundation we built our services on has been anonymity.  We understand the desire for senders and receivers  to protect their identity.  We provide the means to facilitate the transfer of currency from the sender to receiver that protects and ensures the anonymity of both parties.

Crypto currency is the key.  In the early days, crypto currency did provide a very strong secure anonymous way to pay for things. Not traceable they said.  Now that crypto is mainstream it no longer provides you that anonymity.  Today banks, credit card companies, paypal etc… track and report your crypto currency transactions. Brokers that sell you crypto currency so you can spend it online track and report your crypto currency transactions. It’s part of the new law and your government is tracking crypto transactions.   When an online merchant accepts crypto currency payments, and you make a purchase using crypto currency that payment is posted as coming from you. Almost all ecommerce companies require you to provide your information just like you do when you use a credit card. Not only does the merchant know who you are, this information is reported to the IRS.  When you purchase crypto currency, you must report it to the IRS on your taxes.  Merchants who accept crypto currency must report this information to the IRS.

There is nothing we can do to prevent the government from knowing you are using crypto currency, but we can prevent them from knowing what you are purchasing. This is where and webtokenscryptopay comes in.

When you use your crypto currency  to give a tip, tribute or donations to someone using  we don’t ask for your real name or other personal info.  You will only be asked to provide an email to receive a transaction receipt.  If you don’t want a transaction recipe then use “” or a fake email – word of caution if your fake email address is someone’s real email then they will receive your receipt. No worries as the only info on the receipt is the date, amount, and what merchant the payment was made to.  But to be safe use your real email or our email – These emails are deleted automatically when they are received.

There are no refunds with crypto currency payments.  Once you make your payment it’s gone out of your crypto wallet into the webtokenscrptopayment wallet and payment is made to the person you are sending the tip, tribute or donation to.